Speech Therapy At-HomeSpeech and language difficulties can be more than frustrating or embarrassing, they can interfere with an individual’s day-to-day life, development, and future goals. At The Doctor’s Choice, our dedicated Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP), registered nurses, and home health aids work with young children and older adults who may be struggling with communication challenges, such as articulation, stuttering, reception, or even feeding disorders. By working one-on-one with a professional speech therapist in the familiarity and comfort of home, our patients make incredible progress in less time.

To learn more about how our American Speech-Language-Hearing Association certified speech therapists can help you or a loved one improve communication, reception, and feeding, please do not hesitate to contact The Doctor’s Choice in Los Angeles. Our comprehensive home health services ensure that you or someone you love can reach his or her full potential and independence. Contact us online or call (855) 857-0797 seven days a week to schedule a consultation.

What to Expect from At-Home Speech Therapy

Our exceptional Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) work carefully with each patient to provide the following services, which are perfectly suited and adapted to meet each individual’s unique needs and abilities.

  • Evaluate Speech, Language, Cognition, and Oral Feeding Skills
  • Language Intervention Activities
  • Articulation and Sound Exercises
  • Oral-Motor Exercises
  • Feeding and Swallowing Exercises
  • Supporting Social Aspect of Communication
  • Comprehension and Problem-Solving Activities
  • Alternative Communication Methods Training
  • Patient, Family, and Caregiver Education
  • Collaborate with Physician, Social Workers, and Community Resources

Our speech-language experts work closely not only with each patient, but also his or her family, friends and caregivers to create a supportive team approach to the patient’s treatment. Overcoming a speech, language, or oral feeding disorder takes patience and understanding, and our dedicated therapists believe that family involvement is important for the patient’s success as well.

Why Choose The Doctor’s Choice?

The compassionate team at The Doctor’s Choice strongly believe in the transformative benefits of addressing speech and language difficulties from the safe environment of home. We bring high-quality, evidence-based treatments to our patients without the stress, distraction or intimidation of going to a facility or hospital. Whether you, your child, or an elderly loved one has suffered an injury, illness, or disease that makes speech difficult, we offer a full range of medical, hygiene, companionship, and domiciliary services to allow comprehensive care and support that is customized to each patient.

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Contact a Los Angeles In-Home Speech Therapist

The Doctor’s Choice speech therapists have thorough training and extensive experience working with patients of all ages and capabilities. Let us be there to ensure that you or your loved one has the guidance and medical care necessary for overall success and wellness without fear of complication or risk.

To receive quality care and treatment from a certified in-home speech pathologist from our compassionate and dedicated team, call (855) 857-0797 or email us at info@thedoctorschoiceagency.com.

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